My AVON story started when I was 11 or so years old. I didn’t like working at my father’s store, as it was filthy (and the bathroom was the worst), it had no air conditioning in the summer and small heaters in the winter. And besides, I wasn’t being paid. I don’t know where I learned about AVON products, I must have picked up a catalog somewhere.

I liked what I saw. At age 12, I convinced my mother to sign me up as an AVON Rep. Back then you knocked on people’s doors, left brochures if they weren’t home, etc. You also had an “area” that you could work in.

Well after a year or so of knocking on doors in my neighborhood, and not being taken seriously, I realized that I was my own best client. And that I had to get a job. I went back to my father’s store, this time getting paid minimum wage, while looking for other options.

I ended up working on Wall Street and had an AVON Representative take care of me for 18+ years.

Then in 2007 or 2008, I decided it was time to sell AVON again. This time I was living in Washington state and I was able to sign my own contract 🙂

AVON is not the same company it was when I was 12, or even the same as it was in 2007. And the prices are no longer “cheap” instead, they are competitive. However, there are some really good new products. Plus they products are getting more and more appropriate for a time in the world where we don’t want to put “junk” on our faces. We want results.

You can view my website at

If you have any questions, go to that site where you can send me a question or send me a concern.

OH, it was a change in the way AVON puts the brochures online that had me start this small website. Some people (me included) don’t like the fancy, dancy, graphic brochures with lots of arrows. We rather see pages and look through the catalog, not only for things we are running out of, but also for new items that AVON is added.

Here, on this site, you’ll find PDFs of the current brochures that you can download to view at your convenience. I’ll create a little form for you to use to place the name of the items and the product numbers that you’ll want to order at my
AVON site

Happy ordering!